Yoghurt Shrikand

These days we hear a lot about yogurt desserts replacing ice-creams for the health reason. Not only are they healthy but these are also relatively easy to prepare at home, in fact even instantly or an hour before serving unlike ice creams or kulfis.


1.       Curd – 2 cups (Yogurt if available)
2.       Sugar – 4 tbsp
3.       Fruit of your choice – ½ cup chopped (Mango and strawberry are my favorites)
4.       Chopped fruits to garnish


Step 1: If you are using curds, drain it in a muslin cloth; tie and hang it in the sink faucet for 1 hour or more.
Step 2: Powder the sugar if you are using sugar granules in a mixer and then in the same jar add chopped fruits and puree it, now scoop in the hung curds or the homemade yoghurt and whip one last time.
Step 3: Divide in the serving bowls and chill it.
Step 4: Garnish with pomegranate beads before serving.
·         There is a lot of room for creativity with this dessert. You can just play with available and favorite flavours.
·         I have also tried with paneer and some milk instead of yogurt.


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