Yoghurt Chilies

Sharing of one’s own farm produce with the co-villagers is a wondrous culture that still is customary somewhere in our villages. My amma had got some green chilies from village that was grown by a farmer who takes care of our farm as well.  I had them in excess and they started ripening; therefore I made yoghurt chilies with those chilies though they were not the right chilies for the purpose. Generally yoghurt chilies or mor milagai is prepared from short and hot chilies.

Serves: NA

Preparation Time:3-5 days

Cooking Time: Nil


1.     Green chilies – 250 gm
2.     Sour curd – 2 cups
3.     Salt – 2 tbsp
4.     Fenugreek – 1 tbsp


Step 1: Soak the fenugreek for 2 hours or even overnight and grind it into a smooth paste.
Step 2: Mix the fenugreek paste and salt to the beaten curds and stir well. Dilute with water if necessary.
Step 3: Wash and pat dry the green chilies.

Step 4: With help of a tooth pick or fork pierce at the centre of each chili; I have pierced with knife as the chilies I used were longer.

Step 5: Soak them all in the prepared curd and rest it overnight.

Step 6: In the morning squeeze the curds and spread the chilies in a large surface and sun dry them by tossing in between. Preserve that curd in refrigerator.

Step 7: In the evening, take out the curd and soak the partially dried chilies in it and rest it in normal temperature overnight.

Step 8: Repeat step 6 & step 7 until the curd exhausts. After that keep sun drying the chilies until they are completely off moisture.

Step 9: Store in airtight container.

Step 10: Deep fry in oil before serving. It goes well with curd rice and is used to season mor kuzhambu.

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