Tomato Sauce Pasta

As my husband is a fan of Alfredo sauce pasta, i hardly try something else with pasta. Also, for some reason I do not like red color pastas (tomato sauce pasta) from anywhere outside, I feel it is more ketchupy :). So, this home made one was a step I wanted to take before denouncing tomato sauce pastas for good. Yes, it was not ketchupy when prepared fresh, it was tangy and different. I liked it and he quite liked it.

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
1.     Pasta – 200 gm
2.     Tomato – 4
3.     Yellow bell pepper – 1
4.     Garlic – 4 cloves
5.     Onion – 1
6.     Corn starch – 1 tbsp
7.     Salt to taste
8.     Sugar – 1 pinch
9.     Italian seasoning – 1/2 tsp
10.Pepper crushed – 1 tsp
11.Olive oil – 2 tbsp
Step 1:  Cook the pasta as per instructions on the pack, toss with few drops of oil and keep it.
Step 2: Puree the tomatoes in a mixer slightly chunky if you prefer, chop the bell pepper & onion in the size matching the pasta used and fine slice the garlic.
Step 3: Heat a non- stick pan add a tablespoon of olive oil, sliced garlic and chopped onion. Toss the bell pepper with it. Sprinkle a pinch of crushed pepper and salt.

Step 4: Add to it the cooked pasta and toss them well and keep aside.

Step 5: In the same pan or another one, add less than a spoon of oil and add Italian seasoning to it. Pour in the pureed tomato and let it boil for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Mix corn starch in some water and stir in the boiling tomato sauce to thicken it. This gives an even consistency to sauce.

Step 7: Add salt and crushed pepper to the sauce.
Step 8: While serving spread the pasta and pour the sauce on top.

*Garnish with shredded cheese if you like it and do not mind some extra calories.

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