Samba Wheat Halwa

I won’t call this an extraordinary dessert but it definitely caters another interesting and healthy number to sweet-toothed persons like my husband. The suitability of samba wheat for halwa is ironical, it is stiff and chewy even after cooking while we are used to eating gooey halwas; the beauty is, because of these very tendencies they absorb less ghee and sugar and still keep the halwa sweet .


1.       Samba rava – 1 cup
2.       Milk – 1 cup
3.       Sugar – ¼ cup
4.       Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
5.       Almonds – 2 tbsp chopped
6.       Raisins – 2 tbsp
7.       Ghee – 2 tbsp


Step 1: Roast the samba wheat rava in a non-stick pan with a spoon of ghee until the aroma starts coming out.

Step 2: Add milk and cover and cook until the rava is cooked by stirring occasionally.

Step 3: Add sugar, cardamom powder and stir until the mass leaves the sides of the pan
Step 4: Garnish with chopped almonds, raisins and serve hot drizzling another spoon of ghee.


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