Russian Salad

Sometimes we would like to have a non-boring and filling salad. Russian salad would be one of the most appropriate items in this category. It is creamy and very delectable and yet simple to make. I had made this with things that I had at home but there are other ways to make it which you can find on web.


1.      Carrot – 1
2.      Apple – 1
3.      Capsicum – 1 cup
4.      Crushed white pepper – ¼ tsp
5.      Salt – 1 pinch
6.      Mayonnaise – 1 tbsp
7.      Fresh Cream – 2 tbsp (can be replaced with yoghurt or sour cream as you like it)
8.      Sugar – ½ tsp
9.      Lemon juice – 1 tsp
10.   Herb for garnishing (Mint, Coriander, Basil or so)


    Step 1: Make juliennes out of carrot and apple. Mix apple, carrot and cabbage in a bowl and coat with lemon juice to avoid oxidation. Refrigerate salad for sometime.

    Step 2: In a small cup take mayonnaise, fresh cream, salt, sugar, pepper and beat until smooth; add few drops    of milk if the paste is too hard and make the dressing to ketchup like consistency

    Step 3: Before serving, pour the dressing over the salad and toss them to coat evenly. Garnish with herb of your choice and serve chilled.


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