Praline for me was an accidental discovery. I was trying to prepare taagar/ bura for urad ladoos but I had mistakenly added less water than required; hence turned darker. I can pat my back for the presence of mind to add some butter and melon seeds to transform my blunder into a sweet outcome.

Serves:  NA

Preparation Time:  NA

Cooking Time:  15 minutes


1.      Sugar – 1 cup
2.    Water – ¼ cup
3.    Melon seeds – 2 tbsp (can be substituted by almonds or peanuts or so )
4.    Butter – 1 tbsp


Step 1: Mix sugar and water and heat it by constantly stirring it.
Step 2: The sugar dissolves, then thickens and then turns into honey colour.
Step 3: At this stage, butter and melon seeds to it and turn off heat.
Step 4: Stir well and pour immediately into a butter greased plate or tray to about 1/8thon an inch’s thickness. Slightly thicker is ok, just that it takes more time to solidify.
Step 5: Once it comes to room temperature, remove the praline using a knife tip or back of the spoon or fork.

Step 6: Store it in an airtight container until use, preferably use it within a week.
Step 7: This can be relished just as we do candies or can be crushed and dressed on ice-creams or milkshakes or garnished on desserts.

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