Pears Sangria

Project: Summer 30

Day #28: 

Drink – Pears Sangria

Pears Sangria, I just call it because, of the fruits I used, pears was dominant in quantity. In this Pears Sangria recipe I’ve included apple, sweet lime, lemon apart from pear. Sangria conventionally contains red wine but I’ve not used it here. This is a fruit infused drink that lets you have the crunch of the fruit while sipping the flavorful juice. You can also try combination of other strong flavored fruits like various berries, citrus fruits, mango, pineapple and the like to make very interesting Sangria types along with black grapes to stand by its name.


Athikaram: 3 – Neethar Perumai

Kural #28:

நிறைமொழி மாந்தர் பெருமை நிலத்து
மறைமொழி காட்டி விடும்.


The greatness of great people shall be proclaimed on earth by their secret words.

Pears Sangria
Serves 4
Pears Sangria without Wine
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1. Pears - 2
  2. 2. Apple - 1
  3. 3. Sweet lime - 1
  4. 4. Honey - 3 tbsp (Can substitute with sugar)
  5. 5. Lemon - 1
  6. 6. Chilled water - 3 glasses
  1. Wash and slice one pear, half an apple and half a sweet lime for infusing.
  2. Chop rest of the pear and apple and blend it in a mixer and a cup of water.
  3. Strain the juice, dilute with rest of the chilled water, squeeze half the sweet lime and one lemon into it. Stir in honey.
  4. Adjust taste and add sliced fruits into it. Refrigerate until serving.
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