Paneer Capsicum Chinese Gravy

I found this simple recipe on the Szechuan sauce bottle I got last week and tried this easy-peasy dish. Believe me, except for the looks of the dish, it did come closer to a restaurant gravy in terms of taste, flavor  and consistency. It goes very well with fried rice.


1.       Capsicum – 1 large
2.       Paneer – 100 grams
3.       Onion – 1 large
4.       Szechuan sauce – 1 tbsp
5.       Garlic cloves – 3
6.       Dry chilies -2
7.       Spring onion chopped – 2 tbsp (for garnishing)
8.       Gingelly oil – 1 tbsp
9.       Soy sauce – 1 tbsp
10.   Vinegar – 1 tbsp
11.   Corn flour – 1 tbsp
12.   Salt as per taste


Step 1: Cut the capsicum and onion into 1.5” square and paneer into 1” cubes.
Step 2: Heat oil add grated onion and broken chilies to it, add cut vegetables and paneer and sauté for a minute or so
Step 3: Add Szechuan sauce and dilute it with 2 cups water. Now separately dissolve the corn flour in some water and stir into the gravy until it thickens.
Step 4: Add soy sauce, vinegar, salt and stir for a minute more
Step 5: Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve hot with fried rice.


·        * You can shallow fry the vegetables and paneer and keep them aside and add at the last to retain its crisp and color.
*     * I’ve used home made panner which was a little gooey that is why it has dissolved on sides.

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