Mealmaker Manchurian

As we know, soy is a major source of vegetarian protein and so my mom used to cook soy chunks or meal maker since our childhood, I am particularly fond of its chewiness when cooked and crispiness when not cooked (Yeah weird, but I used to snack on them ;)).  But for some reason, may be because it resembles meat in texture and looks, my husband does not like it at all. I buy it part of the groceries and try different recipes to feed him that; of all recipes Manchurian gave me quite a success. 


1.     Meal maker – 1 cup
2.     Onion – 1
3.     Green chillies – 1
4.     Capsicum – 1
5.     Corn flour  – 2 tbsp
6.     Salt to taste
7.     Chili powder – 1tsp
8.     Pepper crushed – ¼ tsp
9.     Oil – 2 tbsp
10. Garlic – 3 cloves finely chopped
11. Ginger garlic paste – 1tsp
12. Soy sauce – 1 tsp
13. Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp
14. Vinegar – 1 tsp
15. Spring onion for garnishing (if available)


Step 1: Boil meal maker in salt water; drain and wash and rinse with cold water, squeeze out and keep aside
Step 2: Mix corn flour, salt, chili powder, pepper, ginger-garlic paste in a bowl with few drops of water to make a thin paste
Step 3: Coat the masala paste to meal maker and shallow fry them till crisp. Drain oil and keep aside.

Step 4: In the same tawa, add garlic, onion chopped, green chili, capsicum one by one in that order and sauté them for just 1 minute
Step 5: Add tomato sauce, soy sauce and adjust salt/ chilli. Sprinkle some more crushed pepper for flavor.
Step 6: Finally add fried meal maker, spring onions and toss and serve as starter. This is dry.
Step 7: If you require with gravy, before you add the meal maker add corn flour dissolved in water to the masala and stir until thick. Then add meal maker and cook for 1 min before serving.


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