Though matri is a common snack in north India all round the year, during Diwali every other household prepares this crispy, flat, round, deep fried savory either bland or spiced. Matri is traditionally prepared from maida but due to its glutenous nature wheat flour and bengal gram flour are also used. One can see in the market galis of Delhi, the displayed tins of several variants of matris outside the shops. People buy it like groceries in kilos as matris have a very long shelf life; customers pick their choice by tasting them for spice and breaking them to ensure freshness.


1. Maida – 1 cup
2. Atta – 1/2 cup
3. Salt as per taste
4. Baking Soda – 1tsp
5. Carom seeds – 1 tbsp
6. Ghee – 2 spoon
7. Oil for frying


Step 1: Add all said ingredients except oil and mix into a soft but stiff dough with warm water.
Step 2: Leave the dough to sit aside for 30 minutes.
Step 3: Roll into large roti like circles not too thin and prick with a fork on the surface of circles, this prevents matries from puffing.
Step 4: Cut them into small circles with a bottle lid or cookie cutter.
Step 5: Deep fry them in simmered stove to get crispy matris. Crispier the matri, longer its shelf life. Let it cool down before stocking in air tight containers.
Step 6: Serve with pickles or salsa or raita along with hot tea.


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