Manathakkali keerai paal kootu

Akkama, my granny used to say that this particular green vegetable is so very soothing for stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers. She had prepared it every fortnight for us when we grew up.


1.       Black nightshade leaves (Manathakkali keerai) – 1 bunch, cleaned and chopped
2.       Moong dal – ¼ cup
3.       Milk – ½ cup
4.       Rice flour – 1 tbsp
5.       Salt as per taste
6.       Sugar – ½ tsp
1.       Ghee – ½ tbsp.
2.       Pepper – ½ tsp crushed
3.       Red chili – 1 halved

Step 1: In a pan boil moong dal (It is better if you soak 15 minutes before cooking); when it is half done add green leaves to it and cover to cook.
Step 2: When it once done add milk, rice flour and stir for 2 minute until milk thickens
Step 3: Sprinkle salt, sugar, mix well and turn off heat.
Step 4: For tempering in a tadka pan, heat ghee add halved red chili, crushed pepper and empty it over the dish and serve hot with stead rice.


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