Kothu Parotta

Actually I had made it with naan so I should rather call it kothu naan. I have tried to make this not so healthy – damn spicy dish, a less wicked one by adding some veggies [Just a sort of excuse ;)]. The making of kothu parota in the roadside shops while travelling is an attention-grabbing process; the flavour, sound and looks are all quite appealing but the hygiene factor holds us aback. Making it at home with less spice, less oil and some vegetables is a guilt-free way to relish it occasionally. Store bought ready parotas or left over parathas or even rotis can be used apart my my naan version.
Serves:  2
Preparation Time:  10 minutes
Cooking Time:  10 minutes
1.      Naan – 4
2.    Cabbage chopped – 1 cup
3.    Spinach – 1 cup
4.    Tomato – 1 large
5.     Onion – 2
6.    Garlic – 6 cloves
7.     Ginger – 2” piece
8.    Green chilies – 2
9.    Tomato sauce – 2 tbsp
10.Salt to taste
11.  Oil – 1 tbsp
12.Pepper crushed – ½ tsp (optinal)
Step 1: Pile the naan or roti that you are going to use; cut them into small bite sized squares and crush them slightly between fists to soften a bit. In the roadside shops they typically mince the parotas using dosa spatulas in both hands which makes that tak-tak sound. 
Step 2: Heat oil in a large kadai and fry ginger, garlic, green chilies in it and add onion after a minute and fry until it starts to brown.
Step 3: Add cabbage, tomato and spinach and toss well with required salt. Add the chopped naan and mix well.
 Step 4: Now add tomato sauce and crushed pepper if using and sauté in high temperature by rapid stirring. Adjust salt and spices at this stage. Avoid frying too much to prevent the naan/ parota from getting tough.
Step 5: Take out and serve immediately the crisp and juicy kothu parota along with onion raita.

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