Karuveppilai Podi

This is another simple and  flavorful creation from my mother-in-law’s kitchen. Curry leaves are unique in Indian more specifically south Indian cuisines. The aroma of ‘talippu’ is to die for and like in the tamil song ‘…pasi konda neram, thallipu osai sringara sangeetham…’ the sound of tempering (talippu or tadka) is itself so very musical; curry leaves are very instrumental in this process of tallipu. Usually, people consume the flavor but not curry leaves fully; so recipes like these are really very useful to completely benefit from the goodness of curry leaves.


1. Curry leaves – 2 cups
2. Dry red chilies – 4 or 5
3. Coriander seeds – 1/2 cup
4. Salt to taste
5. Oil – 1 tsp

Step 1: Wash and dry the curry leaves preferably  in shade to retain color.
Step 2: Heat half a tsp oil in a tawa and roast the chilies.
Step 3: In the same tawa, add another half a tsp oil and roast coriander seeds until aroma fills the room.
Step 4: In the same tawa dry roast the curry leaves just to make them crisp.
Step 5: Cool them down and powder them between coarse and fine, slightly flaky.
Step 6: Store in a airtight container for even more than a month.
Step 7: Serve it with hot steamed rice and ghee. 


* You can also add this powder to the sabjis and curries to give it flavor and fortify it ;).


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