Idli Milagai Podi (Paruppu Podi)

Idli podi or thool or chutney podi as some call it, is a staple in any south Indian or at least Tamil kitchen. There are several variants and slightly varying domestic recipe versions for each of them which result in different heat level (chilies), coarseness, color, flavour and so. At home we call this paruppu milakai podi to differentiate from others like ellu podi, mallatai podi, etc.  Fortunately both my mother-in-law’s and mom’s recipe are almost the same (except that my mom doesn’t add curry leaves), so our tastes on this match pretty well.
Yield: 3 cups
Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
1.     Dry red chilies – 15
2.     Bengal gram – 1 cup
3.     Urad dal – 1/2 cup
4.     Coriander seeds – 1/3 cup
5.     Curry leaves – fistful
6.     Salt to taste
7.     Asafoetida – 1/4 tsp
8.     Oil – 1 tbsp

Step 1: Heat a pan and roast Bengal gram, urad dal, coriander seeds and chilies each separately using few drops of oil preferably in simmered mode.

Step 2: Spread the curry leaves in the hot pan and let them turn crisp.
Step 3: Remove stem part from the chilies and in a mixer jar finely powder chilies, curry leaves and coriander seeds.

Step 4: Add the pulses, salt and asafoetida and grind until required texture is obtained. We at home prefer coarse one.

Step 5: Let it cool down; then store in a air tight container. This goes well with idli, dosa and other south Indian tiffin items.

* I have heard Rajee aunty, one of our relatives had added some horse gram replacing a portion of bengal gram in idli podi recipe once; I’ve tried it and it indeed is flavorful and healthy.
* It is important that the dals are roasted well else it will have a flour kind of smell. If you are not sure, it is okay to slightly darken them rather than having them under done.
 * My mom prepares almost every week or once in 10 days but they stay good for even up to 3 months. Fresher and crispier podis are better in taste and flavor.


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