Hot Salad

On a rainy day with cool weather, how do we have salad?! Yeah, just heat and have the salad 😉 That is what we did… Hot Salad!!! Good invention nah?!


1. Cabbage – 1 cup shredded
2. Capsicum – 1 small
3. Carrot – 1 medium
4. Salt to taste
5. Pepper – 1 pinch
6. Olive oil – 1 tbsp
7. Garlic – 4 cloves
8. Vinegar – 1 tsp


Step 1: Chop the vegetables into long thin shapes.
Step 2: Heat a wide pan, pour into it oil and thrown in sliced garlic.
Step 3: In high heat, add all the chopped vegetables and stir for 2 minutes.
Step 4: Then with the high heat, sprinkle salt, pepper and vinegar.
Step 5: Toss and switch off heat.
Step 6: Serve hot salad immediately.

* Because I did not have lemon and coriander/mint leaves at home I used vinegar and garlic for taste and flavor respectively. You can use the actual salad ingredients to prepare the hot salad as well. (Mine seem more like a stir fry and salad fusion)


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