I had tried dhokla (Urmila aunty used to do this and I got inspired to do this from her) couple of times in the past and it never came out well. I wanted to try this again and this time it turned out pretty good with all the learnings from my previous attempts. This Gujarati special may not be liked by everyone at the first go; you actually need to develop a taste for it. This is a gram flour idly or steamed gram flour cake  in simple sense.

1. Besan
2. Eno salt
3. Salt
4. Ginger & chilli paste
5. Lemon juice
6. Grated coconut
7. Coriander
8. Oil
9. Sesame seeds
10. Thil
11. Curry leaves
12. Green chillies
13. Hing
14. Carrot grated


• Mix besan, lemon juice, salt and water into batter of idly consistency and keep aside
• Prepare idly plates, add eno to batter with a little water; once it starts bubbling, immediately pour into idly plates and steam like you do for idlies
• Once done cut it into squares and arrange in a tray
• Season with sesame seeds, green chillies, hing, curry leaves and thil and add a ladle of water to seasoning. Now pour it over the dhoklas.
• For garnishing sprinkle grated coconut and carrot over that and serve with pudina/coriander chutney


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