Chatpatta Macaroni

This is yet another macaroni recipe from bambino cover; both my husband and sister-in-law had liked it very much. This can make a decently good, filling and healthy snack as it is light and chatpatta and quick. I pack it for lunch and I get pretty good comments 🙂


1. Macaroni – 250gm
2. Oil – 1 tbsp
3. Jeera -1 spoon
4. Onion – 1 chopped
5. Bush beans cut into long diagonal pieces – 1 cup
6. Carrots cut into long pieces – 1 cup
7. Salt to taste
8. Chat masala – 2 tsp


Step 1: Heat oil in a cooker and temper with jeera and then sauté onions in it until transparent
Step 2: Add beans, carrot and fry for 30 seconds
Step 3: Now add macaroni, salt and water 1 ½ cups water is required to cook 1 cup macaroni)
Step 4:Close the cooker lid and keep on high flame for 2-3 min; then simmer it for 5-8 min and switch off the stove
Step 5: Open and stir in freshly chopped tomatoes, onions and chat masala
Step 6: Serve garnished with coriander and squeezed in lemon


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