Beetroot Soup

Beetroot has a lot of health benefits like lowering blood pressure & cholesterol, it is said to produce anti-oxidants and they call it enemy of colon cancer. But for me I simply love the color of beetroot. Soup is one very nice way of relishing beetroot. Here, I share my simple version of beet soup that serves two people.
1. Beetroot – 1
2. Tomato -1
3. Salt to taste
4. Pepper to taste
Step 1: Blanch the roughly chopped beetroot and tomato in a cup of water for 3 minutes.
Step 2: Let it cool a bit and then blend together finely in a mixer jar.
Step 3: Add required salt and pepper.
Step 4: Serve warm or heat it to have it hot or refrigerate to have it cool. 

*This is the simplest version. You can try one of the alternate options as mentioned below
*Skip tomato and add juice of lemon
*Saute in some butter or olive oil instead of blanching beetroot
*Add more herbs & seasoning
*Add more vegetables and top it with caramelized onion.


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