Beetroot Jam

We always choose to buy processed jams for their texture and shelf life. Beetroot jam is something i would persuade you to make at home for three reasons; you’ll hardly find beet root jams in stores, they are natural as in no preservatives or pectin or artificial colors, above all it is damn simple. This is the recipe with minimum number of ingredients at least as far as I know so far. 


1.       Beetroot – 2 large
2.       Sugar – ½ cup
3.       Lemon – 1

·         Peel and chop the beetroots into cubes; pressure cook or steam cook them until soft say for 3 whistles.
·         After it gets to room temperature, puree them in a mixer jar very finely.
·         In a non-stick pan, pour the puree and mix the sugar and stir it on medium heat.

·         Stir it occasionally in low heat or stir continuously in medium-high heat; this would take at least 15 minutes.

·         When the jam starts to leave the sides of the pan switch of the stove and squeeze juice of a lemon. Stir well and let it cool.
·         Store in an airtight container to use for longer time.


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