Banana Stem Mocktail

Okay, I can hear that ‘what the heck…’ on seeing the name J. People say that many a time boredom is in the way things are presented rather than the things itself. So here is my attempt to make a not so interesting banana-stem juice more alluring. Try it and I bet you won’t regret it. And a well known piece of info is ‘It is said to be very good for people with kidney stones’.

Serves:  2

Preparation Time:  NA


1.      Banana stem – 4 “ long
2.    Coriander – few sprigs
3.    Curry leaves – 1 sprig
4.    Green chili – 1 small
5.     Lemon – 1
6.  Salt to taste

Step 1: Wash and chop the banana stem into 1” size cubes; place it in a mixer jar.

Step 2: Wash and add green chili, coriander leaves, curry leaves, lemon juice and salt to the mixer jar.

Step 3: Grind them with some fresh water. Filter using a mesh and grind the pulp again with some more water to extract the juice completely; filter and discard the mush.

Step 4: Now taste and adjust salt, water and lemon juice in it.

Step 5: Serve and relish the refreshing mock tail immediately.


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