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Lemme start it sweet. 1 2 3 4… yeah, the sweet’s name is 1234 Cake. This is one of the easiest sweets one can prepare as a learner and I learnt this recipe from my sister, Viju. The name of the sweet explains the portions of ingredients that go in it.


1. Ghee – 1 Cup
2. Coconut – 2 Cups
3. Sugar – 3 Cups
4. Milk – 4 Cups


• Take all the four ingredients in a deep pan and mix well
• Place it on the stove and close with a lid to avoid spluttering out
• Occasionally take off the lid and stir until the consistency is thick. This will take quite some time say, an hour
• Then take out the lid and stir continuously until the ghee seeps out and the sweet leaves pan
• Take a tray and grease with ghee and pour over the sweet
• Garnish with nuts/ saffron/ rake as required
• Cut into squares/ diamonds once it cools a bit.


* There is no particular order for adding the ingredients. Mix them all at once.
* Keep lid closed until sweet solidifies; else it will splutter on hands and around pan
* Be patient; the moisture in the mixture should completely evaporate to get required consistency
* Cut after few minutes of pouring in the tray when warm, but separate the pieces from tray after it cools down completely


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